Layered Ruffle Gray Modest Prom Dress $320.00

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This modest prom dress features a dazzling gemmed bodice and gem lined high-to-low waistline, combined with a unique ruching pattern and layered organza skirt.

Closure: Corset/Lace-up
Sleeves: Petal
Waistline: High-to-Low
Available Colors: Gray, Yellow, Blue

This is a TRUE FIT™ dress!

At Trendy & True, you can eliminate the hesitancy of buying a dress online.  The TRUE FIT™ lace-up back, which is featured on 85% of our dresses, makes it easy to be assured that your dress will fit like it should.

Have you very tried to zip up that dress that what perfect “here” and “here” but not “there?” You’re body is unique!  With Trendy & True’s TRUE FIT™ Dress, you can adjust the tightness of  lacing for the variances in your body’s unique curves.

The lace-up back can add or reduce two inches or more of your dress (4+ inches variance total)! This means that if you order a size that is one “off” up or down, the dress will still be a great fit because you can make up for it by adjusting the lacing.

If you do decide order one of our few zip-up dresses, you still don’t have to worry because our return policy allows for easy exchanges.

NOTICE: We try to ensure that your dream dress is available in your size but stock fluctuates frequently. When purchasing a dress, please be aware that your payment will be authorized but not processed until you receive a confirmation e-mail that your dress of choice is in stock and ready to ship!

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