Loving Yourself So Others Can Too

Loving Yourself So Others Can Too

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…the time to celebrate the people we love.    There’s one person you should especially consider your love for…YOU!   Can you look yourself in the mirror, right in the eye and say, “I love you!”?  For a lot of people, this can be uncomfortable at first.  We are our own best critics.  But how you feel about yourself has so much to do with the life you allow yourself to live and the love you are able to give and receive from others.  I believe that loving yourself is the first step to solving a lot of your problems.  You feel better, you are happier!

Three Tips for Loving You

  1.  Take the mirror challenge.  Look yourself in the eye.  Say, “I love you, [your name]!”  Keep looking at yourself until you feel it and believe it.  Can I be honest?  The first time I did this, I made myself cry, because I realized that I hadn’t been loving myself the way I should for some time.  Learning to love yourself does take time so do this everyday till you can do it with a big  smile, without batting an eye, and feel that it’s true from your head to your toes!
  2. When you find yourself in a situation where you might normally criticize yourself, say instead, “[Your name], your did amazing! You did your best!”  Even if you know there’s room for improvement, refraining from criticizing yourself will help you gain the confidence you need to do better the next time.  You’ll be surprised at how  quickly you go from “cringe-stage” to “rockin’ it” by treating yourself kindly.
  3. Do something that you loved to do as a child.  Color, swing, play!  Children are not naturally critical of themselves, they love themselves.  Go back to this childlike state of allowing yourself to just feel happy!

Loving Yourself and Modesty

Helping girls learn to love themselves goes hand in hand with my mission at Trendy & True to  provide beautiful modest dresses.  When a girl loves herself, she knows that she doesn’t have to  depend on someone else to affirm her worth and beauty.   A modestly dressed girl knows that she deserves love and attention for who she is…her  personality, her gifts, her kindness…not her body.

So Happy Valentine’s Day…to me and to you!  I hope you feel loved by the most important person…YOU!