Big Announcements Coming!

Big Announcements Coming!

We’re almost two weeks into the New Year!  I love the excitement that comes with a new year…I am a naturally ambitious person and so any chance I get to take big ideas and run with them I’ll jump at.  Some people are somewhat pessimistic about the new year because of the many years gone by where resolutions flopped by mid-March.  Well there’s not much fun in being a realist.  Keep dreaming people!  I believe in you!

So this year, Your Company has been working on, not one…not two….not three…but FOUR big announcements !  Yes, awesome things are happening around here.  A big thanks goes to my customers over the past year and a half that have helped Trendy & True get on her feet.  Not just that…we’re taking off on the runway now!

So announcement number one already got spilled on our Facebook page last week.  Yep, our new logo!   Tada! trendy-true_logo

With new things coming, we just needed a slightly revamped look to really set the stage for  awesomeness.  A little off topic…but have the read Marie Kondo’s  book, The Magic of Tidying Up, or her new one, Spark Joy?  Her whole premise to tidying and living a life you love is to get rid of everything in your life that does not  “spark joy” and fill your life with things that do.  Our new logo does just that for me!  The old one was  ok but just not thrilling  so we chucked it and created a new one.  Everything time I look at it, sparks of joy are flying everywhere!

As exciting as a new logo, our next three announcements are much MUCH bigger.  You won’t want to miss them so stay tuned within the next couple weeks…we’ll be rolling them out one at a time.

Until then, I hope your life is sparking joy!