At Your Company Website,  we are committed to providing modest and beautiful dresses. But that’s not the beginning or the end of the story….because outer beauty is just the reflection of the inner beauty that we believe each and every girl in this whole big world possess. Our true mission is to help girls recognize their own beauty, love themselves, and confidently share their light. You are unique, authentic, and powerful. So be true!



Introduce yourself as the owner. Tell everyone how you started in the fall of 2014 as an in-home business when I saw a need in the local community for girls to have a modest and affordable choice for prom dresses.

We have since grown into a commercial space and now offer tuxedo rentals as well. The experience of growing with this business has been instrumental in my personal journey of learning to be “be true” to who I really am by having “vision” and following it. My hope is that through this business, not only will I provide a source for modest attire in a world of unseemly fashions, but also inspire young girls to go for their dreams! You can and will do great things!


Here you give your customers a shout out! When girls and their mothers (and even sometimes a lucky dad who gets to take his daughter dress shopping) come in looking for the gown that will reflect their values for modesty, they share with me their brightness and commitment to goodness. Each and every one makes the world a better place by being “true” in your dress and actions! It is because of YOU that Your Company is growing to exchange that light with more girls worldwide. Thank you!