5 Things You Need to Know About Trendy & True

Let’s get to know each other a little better…here’s a few things about us.

  1.  We have modest prom dresses!Turquoise-Beaded-Bodice-Modest-Chiffon-Dress
    If you are looking for a modest dress for prom, homecoming, Distinguished Young Women Program, or any other formal event, Trendy & True is the first, and very likely the only place you will have to go!  We recognized that there was a need in Southeast Idaho (and easy ordering online) for modest prom dresses and so that’s what we have chosen to specialize in.  If you are looking for a strapless dress, we will happily refer you to someone else.
  2. We are small but growing…and we probably still have YOUR dress!
    When you walk into our new location (387 Yellowstone, Pocatello, Idaho), you’ll probably notice that we don’t have the most dresses in town.  There are many consignment shops that offer hundreds, maybe thousands of options.  At Trendy & True, we have selected the top styles from our vendor to offer you the best quality and latest styles.  Carrying every dress in EVERY color is EVERY size is not feasible as a new small business BUT we do have a very comparable solution.   With shipping time of only two business days, we can order in any new dress that you want in your size, available for rent or purchase, and have it within the same week.  We also carry some previously owned modest dresses in addition to our 2016 line of new dresses that add variety to our inventory in style and price.
  3. We also have tuxedo rentals!
    Here’s how it goes…a girl comes in to rent a dress and she needs a swatch or picture (which is hardly ever true to color) to show her date so that he can get a matching tuxedo.  Here’s our solution:  we now offer tuxedo rentals and can do the matching for you!  When you rent a dress,  we will give a coupon card for you to give your date with the style and color number of your dress.  He brings in the card, gets a great deal, and we have the color right there to match his vest and tie perfectly (don’t worry, we won’t spoil the surprise of your dress).  We have the LARGEST selection of colors in Pocatello and this years styles from Jim’s Formal Wear.  Want to play and Build-A-Tux for fun and see our colors for yourself?  Check out our stores tuxedo page and select “Build-A-Tux” on the right hand side of the top menu.We also do tuxedo rentals for weddings.  You’ve had that very specific shade of blue picked out since you were 14…and we can match it.  We can even get the guys matching colored socks.  Trust us…we will make your groom look SHARP!
  4. Why are we called Trendy & True?
    Let’s get this part straight from the get go.  We have TRENDY dresses…and not 10-years ago trends.  Most of our dresses are brand new and while we do carry some consignment and previously-owned dresses, we are very selective about only accepting dresses from within a couple years.  Many dress rental shops have a large selection of dresses that have seen the dance floor a few too many times.  We offer NEW dresses AND you can rent them for a great price.So that’s the Trendy part of our name…what about true?  What does being true mean to you?  We believe that the TRUE you is the part that has a great personality, is unique in gifts and talents, and has something special that only you can offer others.  The true you is not your body.  That’s why when you dress modestly, people can see who you really are and you can have strength and confidence that comes from within…not from someone else’s approval of your outward appearance.
  5. There’s more to why we do what we do than offering formalwear…
    I just said it but I’ll say it again…the TRUE you is unique, special, and beautiful!  I truly believe that and have made it part of my mission to help you know that.  Let me get personal for a minute…I was there too not very long ago…in high school, trying to figure out myself, wondering if life would play out like the fairytale in my dreams, and struggling with constant comparisons to others.  Now almost 10 years later, it has really hit me.  I AM wonderful, amazing, and destined for great things.  I hoped it then, but I don’t know if I really knew it.  I have so much love and compassion for my 16 year-old self.  I want to go back and tell her to keep smiling, keep serving, keep dreaming.  She did eventually…and I want to help more girls recognize that inner strength and find that self-love because you are going to do amazing things.  I hope you’ll follow us on Facebook and Instagram to go on this journey together.HappyMother's Day

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