10 Ways to Say “YES” to Prom with FOOD

10 Ways to Say “YES” to Prom with FOOD

They say that the way to a guys heart is through his stomach. You just can’t go wrong with these ways to say “YES” to Prom. And if he’s nice, maybe he will share with you (us girls like food too)!

  • Deliver apples with the note, “I’m so glad I was your PICK…YES!” Include caramel to make this a sweet treat!
  • Give him a peach pie with a note that says, “It would be PEACHY to go to Prom with you!”
  • Want to tease a little? Give him two boxes of donuts. On the inside of one write, “I DONUT want to go to Prom…” and on the inside of the second write, “…with anyone but you!”
  • Give him a yummy cheesecake with berries on top with the note, “I am BERRY excited to go to Prom with you!” (I would definitely be including two forks with this one!)
  • Deliver breakfast…all guys love a hearty breakfast! Make the pancakes in the shape of the letters Y-E-S. If you really like him, include the works, that is, eggs, bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns. Add, “I am EGG-CITED to go to Prom with you!”
  • Did you ever think as a child that popcorn really popped on trees? Well now it does! Make popcorn balls with a note inside one of them that says, “I am so glad you POPPED the question…I would love to go to Prom with you!” Hang the popcorn balls on a tree outside his house.
  • Nothing says “manly” like hot wings! (You could pick some up from Buffalo Wild Wings or Wing-It on Yellowstone in Pocatello.) On the inside of the take-out box write, “I didn’t know how to answer you so I decided to just WING-IT…YES!”
  • Give him a bag of goldfish crackers and say, “You’ve CAUGHT me! I’d love to HOOK up with you to go to Prom!” You could find a mini toy fishing pole at the dollar store to go with it.
  • Here’s another YES-shaped food idea…make chocolate chip cookies in the letter shapes. (And then make it a girls’ night eating the leftover cookie dough!)
  • Paisley Cakes in Blackfoot makes amazing desserts that you could have customized however you like. You could put a message inside or just include a note. Get some gourmet cupcakes and say, “Cupcake, I’d love to go to Prom with you…YES!” She also has some very yummy cake pops. You could say, “My POPS said it was okay, so YES!”

So there you have it…ten ways to answer your date with FOOD. Our next post will be on answering with your PHONE. And no…not just a lame-o text! Stay tuned.

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Happy answering!